The Floor Gap ®

Manufactured in Utah, the patented “Floor Gap” is the number one choice for installers when it comes to creating an air gap for water softener drain lines.

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The Floor Gap

Created to alleviate the problem of sewage or drain water backflow into a water softener.

Floor Gap

We started working with water softeners in 1979.  We never could find a great solution for an air gap for the floor drain, so we built one.  The purpose of the air gap is to ensure that there will never be any back flow of sewage or drain water sucked into your water softener.

The Floor Gap
The Splash Guard
Introducing the Splash Guard

The Splash Guard is a custom designed ring that slips inside any existing Floor Gap and is meant to be attached directly onto the drain to reduce the splashing that occurs when the water Softener runs its regeneration cycle.

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The Floor Gap has a 100% guarantee.  If you have any issues contact us and we will refund the purchase price of the failed product or send you a brand new one.

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The Floor Gap solved the problem I know I had but didn’t know how to fix!” – John Denver, Colorado

It worked great and was exactly what I needed.” – John Pittsburgh, Pa

So simple but works really well!” – Kurt Austin, Texas

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